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Community Outreach

Community Outreach By Our Local Eye Doctors

Here at Eye Care One, we are proud to be part of our vibrant community and believe in giving back and participating. Eye Care One proudly participates in the following outreach efforts:

  • 1559376Glaucoma Screening at Costa Layman Farms Annual Health Fair
  • Haiti Vision Care and Eyeglass Mission
  • Salvation Army’s Angel Adoption Program
  • Harrisburg Family Clinic Vision Screening and Eyeglass Mission
  • Local Company/Industry Health Fairs
  • Volunteers, Collections and Donations with the Garden City Rescue Mission
  • Service and donate to members of local Lions Clubs
  • Vision Discovery Institute-Visionary Warrior Training
  • Medical Associates Plus & Christ Community Health Services Community Health Fair
  • Other local area events such as: Kidney Action Day, Senior Extravaganza, Life Healthy Lifestyle Expo, Augusta University Half Marathon, Baby Palooza, etc.

Local Eye Doctors – Global Reach

Eye Care One and Dr. Tracie Sponseller have been blessed to join Life Ministries International 2012 and 2013 on a mission trip to Haiti to provide vision services. Dr. Sponseller, her daughter and a team of approximately 30 adult and student volunteers participated in a medical mission in the small island village of La Source. This coastal village has a population of about 2,000 and before 2012 had never received vision care. The people of La Source live very simply, without electricity or running water. Dr. Sponseller was humbled by their living conditions, yet they are all very joyful people.

Over a three-day period each year, more than 300 villagers received vision testing and glasses. The glasses were a combination of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses donated by Eye Care One, the Lions Club and our generous patients. Due to the harsh conditions of the dry, dusty, hot environment, many patients had eye conditions or scars that blocked their sight. Many suffer from dry eye and have no way to afford or get eye drops. There were several older patients with severe cataracts and no way to get surgery.

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Eye Care One sponsors a child named Mickender in the village of La Source. Their $20/month sponsorship, along with 79 other sponsorships, feed over 200 children in the two Christian schools on La Source one meal a day. The team leaders of the group manage the sponsorships of these children directly, and 100% of the donations go to the children and their families. Before the sponsorship was started, many children would go one or two days without eating.

“We give so little, but the reward was so great for the students and our group. We were all blessed by them and so thankful they welcomed us to their village.” – Dr. Sponseller

We are often asked where to donate. Please feel free to visit the Life Ministries local website at and watch for updates on our Facebook page to follow our next trip. (

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